Graduated from Bilgi University advertising major and cinema television minor degree in 2008. While he was studying in school, he worked more then 50 commercials as behind the cameraman. At the same time he learnt all aspects of post production while working as a project coordinator in one of the biggest post production companies in Turkey. After school he had internship as a production development assistant in Juliette Lewis world tour project at Paramount Pictures.

After his first short film (Recycle Diary) he had enough reputation to shoot his second short. With his two short movies, he had won international awards and sold his film to SBS TV in Cannes Short Film Market. Eventually he started writing his own feature film which is “Raven, Istanbul” .Afterwards he shot viral videos and much more. He worked as a director for sketches at Show Tv where aired “Makinakafa” Next, he shot 12 videos with PricewaterhouseCoopers for a bank commercial.(which are aired only in education centers.)

He is currently working as a commercial director.